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David B. Dorey

Making a Difference By Actually Serving YOU

As part of the third generation of my family's four generations as Goodnow Flow lot owners and Members of the GFA, I have been on the Flow since 1961, volunteering for the benefit of ALL the GFA Members for the past several years.  I am now living on the Flow

full-time/year-round, and am asking you to please support my efforts to be elected to the Board of Directors of the GFA to provide a more

representative view of the current and future Members of the GFA,

and to provide a voice for everyone who belongs to the GFA. 

Thank you in advance for your DEEPLY appreciated support!  :-)

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Thank you for your interest in my efforts to improve the GFA.

If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch,

please see the information below.

Thank you in advance for your DEEPLY appreciated support!  :-)

Lot 47, Goodnow Flow Road

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