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How To Attend The 2020 GFA AGM Online Using Zoom:

Below are the documents issued by the GFA board regarding how to attend the upcoming 2020 virtual AGM by using

Zoom on an internet-connected device.

Zoom is piece of software (application) which allows several people to attend an online meeting simultaneously via the internet.  You do NOT have to install Zoom on your device if you choose not to in order to attend this historic AGM.  You do not have to appear on camera at a Zoom meeting if you choose not to.  You can choose to attend, listen, and make comments or ask questions without ever appearing on camera if you so choose.

In the e-mail from Ed Banovic (current GFA Secretary) which some Members received, there is a clickable link provided.  If you open the e-mail in your device and click on the link at the appropriate time, you should be able to access the meeting directly from there.

I strongly recommend that you instead download either the software (for a laptop or desktop computer) or the application (for a smartphone).  Doing so will give you many more options regarding how you want to experience the AGM.  The software for a computer may be downloaded from here:

and can be downloaded onto a smartphone from either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

If anyone requires any assistance to be able to attend this historic AGM, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.  My contact details can be found in numerous places on this site, as well as in the images below.

If you at all can, please attend, as issues such as adopting the budget for 2021, proposed bylaw changes, and other important elements will decided only by those of us who attend this virtual AGM.  The board has said that when there are properly seconded board of directors nominations from the floor of the AGM (this will happen), then voting for board members at the AGM will be suspended, and each Voting Member in Good Standing will instead be mailed a paper ballot to return for tabulation - hopefully securely.

Please Vote Wisely, Not Habitually.

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Zoom Instructions0001.jpg
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