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Nope, This Is NOT Acceptable:  

But it's really happening, they're just not telling you about it......

mr. fibiger plainly says that a Member must pay their dues promptly,

but if you DARE to politely ask any questions,

those questions MIGHT get answered if and when the currently sitting GFA board darn well feels like it.

The disgusting arrogance is truly sickening, but VERY revealing of their true character

and flagrant disdain for dues-paying GFA Voting Members in good standing.  It's revolting.


My Initial Query

October 20, 2019

My Follow-Up Query After Being Ignored For A Week, And mr. fibiger's Eventual Reply

October 27 & November 1, 2019


My Subsequent Query

November 15, 2019

           mr fibiger's

Non-Response Response

          November 19, 2019

Nope.  Absolutely NOT acceptable.

THIS is a "leader"......?  No, not at all.

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