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How The GFA Can Do Better

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

When you honor me by electing me to the Board of Directors of the GFA, there are specific improvements I will work toward effecting within the GFA. The three most pressing issues which I believe need addressing are as follows:

1.) Transparency: I believe the GFA needs to do a better job of communicating to the GFA Members precisely how the Association which all Members are currently compelled to belong to actually operates on a day-to-day basis. I believe this can be accomplished by working diligently to increase transparency.

2.) Modernizing: I believe the GFA needs to internalize the reality of the times in which we all presently live, and do a much better job of integrating technology into its operations, whilst continuing to faithfully serve for as long as required that dwindling section of the GFA Membership which has not and may never adopt the methodologies of modern technology.

3.) "Elections": I believe the GFA needs to amend the existing bylaws which prohibit all GFA Members in good standing from being placed on the official GFA ballot which is presented at the AGM. ANY and all GFA Members in good standing who wish to serve as a GFA Officer or Director should be placed on the official GFA ballot, not merely the handpicked "candidates" which the GFA presently self-servingly puts on the official GFA ballot. When there is deliberately only one handpicked "candidate" put forth for each opening, that is simply not a legitimate election in any sense of the word. The dictionary definitions of the word 'election' always include the element of choice. I believe that when there is no choice but only one handpicked "candidate" offered to the Membership, that is the practice of places like Iran and North Korea, absolutely not that of the USA, and such a practice should be abolished immediately.

There are other areas in which I believe the GFA needs to evolve, but these are the three main points I intend to focus on first when you honor me by electing me to the GFA Board of Directors. In the coming days, I shall lay out in greater detail the other issues which I believe the GFA needs to address, and ask for your sincerely appreciated feedback regarding my thoughts and ideas for the GFA in the 21st century and beyond.

Thank you very much for your DEEPLY appreciated support!! :-)

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