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Updated: Dec 27, 2019

(Sincerest apologies for the multi-day nature of this entry- itโ€™s a very complicated issue, created by the GFA board.)

At the 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Goodnow Flow Association, Inc (GFA), the currently sitting GFA board of directors sunk to what I am told is and is in my opinion an unprecedented low, by authorizing and distributing a grossly cowardly and nearly completely false yet official-looking document, with the obvious intention of impugning my character and swaying the vote for Directorships which were slated to be held that day to their handpicked โ€œcandidatesโ€. Unmodified digital images (to demonstrate the pages were not altered - altering content is another underhanded tactic of the currently sitting GFA board, not of mine) of these eight pages of toilet tissue may be found HERE. This cowardly and nearly completely untrue document was distributed along with all the usual GFA materials and left unsigned, thereby leaving the author of it unknown until a fellow GFA Member stood up at the AGM and politely demanded to know who had authored it. The board claimed that no GFA funds were used in its creation; that any Member is free to distribute documents at the AGM; they offered no information as to whom the (IMHO) cowardly author was; and they failed to disavow its creation and distribution. The currently sitting board also were too dishonourable to even allow me the opportunity to rebut the alleged lies โ€“ a conduct I suppose one would normally expect of such a dishonourable assembly. More than one currently sitting GFA board member has subsequently approached me privately after the AGM and said they had absolutely no knowledge of this document prior to the AGM, and either disavowed it or downplayed its importance. Even if their claims of ignorance of this nearly totally untrue document is true, it is important to understand that not one single currently sitting GFA bored member was possessed of the courage or integrity at the AGM to simply stand up and say that this blatant hatchet job with no opportunity for me to rebut was wholly inappropriate. In my estimation, this lack of action by any currently sitting GFA board member in the face of such absolutely dishonourable conduct speaks at least equally as loudly about the character of the currently sitting GFA board as does the creation and distribution of this nearly entirely false document (which I was not allowed to rebut).

After being called out at the AGM by another GFA Member, fellow GFA Member Mike McGuinness sheepishly took the blame for this disgrace's creation. When he did so, I had no idea who Mike McGuinness was. I have never spoken to Mike McGuinness, I have never exchanged messages with Mike McGuinness, I know nothing of and wish to have nothing to do with Mike McGuinness. What I do know is that on the afternoon of the AGM (our time), I awakened (they are located on the other side of the world) and tasked my legal and IT teams with investigating this revolting act. Through the efforts of the digital and linguistic forensics teams which they engaged, I have personally come to be convinced that (IMHO) Mike McGuinness was absolutely not the author of these repeated falsehoods, but that its primary author was instead (to the best of my knowledge and IMHO) former GFA president, current GFA member, and current GFA committee member, Andrew Cullen. I am the least tech-oriented guy on the planet, but even I know that, unless we take substantial measures to prevent it, everything which we do online leaves a trail of markers โ€“ a type of digital fingerprint, which can be traced by highly qualified experts the likes of which I engaged. It is apparent to me that andie cullen does not understand this dead simple fact, as evidenced by both the linguistic and digital fingerprints all over this disgusting document. But, I suppose this apparent lack of understanding is kinda perversely logical inasmuch as andie cullen is (IMHO) the type of individual who would lack this basic understanding, thereby necessitating that Mike McGuinness display of a twisted sense of honour by standing up and stunningly choosing to fall on his sword. For andie cullen. Wow.

In upcoming posts, I shall be exposing more revolting actions taken and words said by both asinine andie cullen and his handpicked successor, blundering billie fibiger. These (IMHO) blatantly unprofessional and cowardly individuals (as well as the timid sheep who confoundedly prop them up) need to be exposed for what they are; so the light of truth is about to shine on both of them, as well as the (IMHO) bafflingly cowed currently sitting GFA board of directors. Stay tuned, you really will be VERY glad you did.

Together, we really CAN do MUCH better.

Thank you very much for your DEEPLY appreciated ongoing support in 2019, 2020, and beyond!! :-)

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