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Changes Needed In The GFA "Elections" (Part 2):

Presently, there are roughly 230 lots on the Flow. The number is fluid at the moment due to things such as the pending acquisitions of parcels by the GFA from The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the pending litigation regarding the GFA's recent bylaw change intending to restrict what Members may do with multiple lots, and other related uncertainties. But 230 is a fair number to work with for our discussions today.

Given that there are 230 lots, there are therefore 230 votes to be had at any AGM. Under the existing GFA bylaws, the sitting GFA Board needs only 30 Members in good standing to attend the AGM for a quorum to be called, and for decisions undertaken at the AGM to become binding on all the GFA Members. Making this tiny quorum requirement even more onerous is the fact only those GFA Members in good standing who are able to physically attend the AGM in person are allowed to vote for anything. (The only exception to this rule which the sitting GFA Board has admitted to is when the sitting GFA Board has employed absentee and/or proxy voting when there have been proposed amendments to the bylaws, but I have found nothing in the bylaws of the GFA which allows this to happen.) To arrogantly disregard the input and votes of any and all GFA Members who, for a multitude of possible reasons, are unable to physically attend the AGM in person is simply unacceptable. Apologies for the upcoming inadvertent pun, but here are two cases in point: GFA Member Walt Case is the sole surviving member of the original group of lot owners on the Flow. Earlier this year, Walt took a nasty fall at his camp, requiring evacuation, hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation and now recovery. Gar Walsh is who summoned the rescue squad and made sure Walt got the care he needed. There is virtually NO CHANCE that Walt will be able to physically attend the AGM in person, so this Founding Member's voice and vote are simply cavalierly ignored by the sitting GFA Board. Longtime GFA Member and Flow stalwart Gar Walsh subsequently had to leave NY to attend to the necessary arrangements when his adult son recently passed very unexpectedly. It is unknown at this time if he will be back on the Flow in time to attend the AGM or not. But if his familial obligations require him to remain out of state beyond 08/31, he will be another longtime Flow veteran, who has contributed so much to both the GFA Board and the GFA Members over the past several decades, who will find his voice and vote simply outrageously disregarded by the sitting GFA Board.

In the Modern Reality of the 21st century, the technological means readily exist for the sitting GFA board to easily both livestream ALL the GFA meetings (which the sitting GFA Board has repeatedly blocked me from doing, citing "control" concerns. Again, I ask: "What information is the sitting GFA Board so worried about the GFA Members being made privy to, that it must be "controlled"...?), as well as to conduct either absentee or proxy voting, as clearly should be the case, and as absolutely has been the case when doing so has been to the perceived advantage of the sitting GFA Board, despite there being no provision for this in the GFA bylaws. I cannot help but wonder how many GFA Members in good standing have had experiences similar to Walt's or Gar's, and are for whatever reason being disallowed by the sitting GFA Board to make their voices be heard and their votes count simply they by being unable to physically attend the AGM in person? Thank you very much for your DEEPLY appreciated support!! :-)

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